Cash'd Cannabis


About Cash'd Cannabis

Who we are

Cash'd Cannabis is a project from Wander Women Studios; a queer, women-owned digital studio. Wander Women founder and CEO, Dawn Kelly, is a former registered nurse turned software developer and entrepreneur. All digital assets for Wander Women and Cash'd are created by our in-house designer, Angi Helmsing.

After spending five years traveling the west coast in an RV, Dawn and Angi are settled back in the midwest with their two dogs, Penny and Carmen.

How it started

We set out to build Cash'd Cannabis so people can learn how to buy the weed they want, every time. Cash'd has three main tools: Budtender, Stash, and Sessions to help you ask questions, track purchases, record your experiences, and discover your favorite products.

Growing up in the midwest during prohibition, meant a 2019 trip to Las Vegas was our first time in a legal cannabis dispensary. A store full of commercial products was overwhelming for folks used to meeting a guy behind a car wash and walking away with a ziploc bag of random weed.

Our journey through Nevada, California, and Oregon included some of the best cannabis in America with plenty of chances for experimentation. We kept wishing for an online journal to keep track of what we tried, where it came from, and how we liked it.

Returning to Ohio, with a medical use only market, we found often medical patients couldn't navigate the options to find products that worked for them and weren't making use of their cards. Many folks were too embarrrassed to ask questions in the dispensary, or felt the budtenders were too busy for more in-depth inquiries.

Where we're going

We're on a mission to help folks unlock the potential benefits of cannabis while decreasing stigma and increasing access to educational information. In the coming months, we will continue improving upon the tools at Cash'd: